Friday, 6 April 2012

Great Men of God - Suratha Pani

Author : Sunanda Pani
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Well know as Pani Babu. Perhaps the most Bible learned man of the Sammilani. He was born at Buruding between 1900 to 1910. He studied at Paralakhemundi from 1920 – 1927. He studied upto 10th class with the help of Dr. Glandening. He was involved in the Gospel during his high school years. Then he became a teacher in Mission School, Parlakhemundi. He came to live at Gumma in 1928 as Buruding was collapsed. Then he was sent to Kakinada by Dr. Glandening because of his excellency in academic aspect and his interest in Gospel work and Bible studies. He studied theology in Kakinada in English medium. He had profound knowledge in English language. Literature books and Bible commentaries were being sent to him by post. He was a man of the Bible, a man of prayer and a man of books. He also got priest (purohito) licence from the Govt. Another priest during that time was Paul Bebarta (Narayanpur). Nirod Ch. Nayak (Serango) became the Govt. licence holder in later days. Pani Babu not only was a Govt. licence holder priest, but also a govt. licence holder evangelist. He never wanted to be an office bearer at any Church. Ofcourse, without his consent once he was forcefully selected as the Treasurer of the Sammilani. He had profound knowledge in Saura language. He had taken the lead role in the Saura Sammilani. He was also so fond of the Saura people group that, when he was unable to walk a long way, they (the sauras) used to carry him with a chair.

Before Pani Babu went to be with the Lord he was at Berhampur hospital. So, when Pani Babu saw Parichha Babu he called him saying “God has many things to perform by you…. Do, what God wants you to do….” As per the explanation of Parichha Babu, Pani Babu had completely died except his head, as he waited to tell things to Parichha Babu. Parichha Babu compares his relationship with Pani Babu as that of the relationship between Elisha and Elizah (which he publicly expressed in a meeting at Jeerango in June 2012). It is said that, God blessed Parichha Babu with the Scripture knowledge (with the help of the Holy Spirit!)at the same level He blessed Pani Babu!

Pani Babu was buried by the Baptist Church, Berhampur. His wife Mariyam Pani went to be with the Lord on Feb 6, 2003.